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Permanent (Stain) Colored Glass

The permanent color is the result of a high temperature, chemical bonding process, which puts the metal coloring agents directly into the molecular structure of the glass at its surface. The coloring ions penetrate into the glass approximately 10-50 microns deep. The color is the result of a complex relationship of time, temperature, chemicals and physical properties of the glass substrate. The finished product is a layer of color in the glass at the surface. The advantage of this color layer in the glass will not degrade when exposed to high heat, UV energy or abrasion. We are the only company in North America that uses this coloring process on a commercial scale.

Capabilities & Colors
  • Borosilicate - Red, Amber, Nutmeg & Yellow
  • Borofloat - Red, Amber, Nutmeg & Yellow
  • Soda lime - Brown, Yellow & Green
  • Flat
  • Tubing
  • Rod
  • Blown
  • Pressed
  • Labware
  • Art (jewelry)
  • Absorbs UV wavelength
  • Transmits Infra Red
  • Non-degrading permanent color
  • Transmittance of Visible Energy

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Industries served include:
Aviation, Military, Transportation, Automotive, Scientific, Pharmaceutical, Lighting, Lamp workers, Recreational, Novelty, etc.
Colors by JAFE (CBJ)
A new process that colors borosilicate glass tubing on the inside has been developed. The clear wall protects the layer of color from direct fire distortion. The tubing can be flame worked without significant changes in the cold color.
  • Available colors - bright ruby red, strong yellow amber & dark amber brown
Member: Glass Art Society

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